Wolven has suggested new plan; get known good backup drive because storage is cheap. Back things up. Reinstall (with my own added step of partitioning off /root and /home in the process) a distro/version that’s *not* mainly from the unstable release. See if things have improved.

Also showing this lady off before i go to bed because I finally got her the underbelly and she’s so loli steampunk it kind of hurts.


I did not see that coming.

My hardware seems to be in a good mood tonight, and I’m looking directly at Aewin and the tA’s right about now.

I’ve dropped prices on most of my paintings and pretty much everything over 50$


Please have a look around my Etsy and my Redbubble and pass it on, there’s a reasonable chance my computer’s usb capability is failing, and, well, that means no Wacom, no uploading camera photos, no typing up Etsy info or these sorts of posts, and it also means replacing the entire motherboard, and probably everything connected to it.


….I’ve been tagged by at least four of you for this question meme. That said, I’m not writing any more questions nor tagging anyone else in because this is going to take long enough as is, but the rules are there.

1. Favourite piece of film or televisual media?
Movies, probably Howl’s Moving Castle or Princess Mononoke. TV, probably Farscape, Avatar or Adventure Time, though it can depend on when you talk to me.

2. You’re in a desert, walking along in the sand, when all of a sudden you look down, and see a tortoise. It’s crawling toward you. You reach down and you flip the tortoise over on its back. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can’t. Not without your help. But you’re not helping. Why is that?

I’m sorry, but you can take the Voight-Kampf and stuff it. I hate these sorts of rhetoricals that try to force my morality etc to do something I never would do. Like torture animals.

3. What album can you listen to, all day, any day?
All seven Coheed & Cambria albums. In a row. It counts because it’s all one long story. I’ve done it to pass international flights (and it covers almost the entire time of a nonstop France to Atlanta flight!).

4. What do you contemplate at least once every day?
Would it really be better to be a cat; they lick their own asses clean, and can’t have chocolate or wine, after all.

5. You can become cybernetically linked with any embodied machine consciousness or autonomous created intelligence in history, fictional or non; which do you choose and why?

As long as I didn’t have to get my hearing forcibly removed, or be expected to kick anywhere near as much ass, I’d go the Root route. It would be terribly useful in a practical sense, as well as being an interestingly interactive introduction to machine thought and operation.

6. What is the best feeling in the world?
Flying. If I had the money, I’d have my pilot’s hangliding license. Barring that, swimming during a warm (lightning free, kids!) rainstorm.

7. You have the power to make anyone but yourself understand anything, even if you yourself don’t understand it; whom do you make understand what?
I’d figure out who has the most strategic power that’s standing against it, and make them understand the whole climate change deal & how to think beyond the next handful of years.

8. Why haven’t you flipped the tortoise over, yet?
Obviously that side is not done cooking? I dunno, you’re the sadist here.

9. What’s your favourite song in 3/4 time?
It’s a tie between Jack Off Jill’s Strawberry Gashes and Hope for Agoldensummer’s Love Letter.

10. You have 4 hours to prepare (or have prepared, if you’re not a cooker) and eat you last meal; what is it?
Making myself; spaghetti, Italian sausage, red wine. Someone else makes it; sushi, shiitake ramen and tea.

11. Nikola Tesla and Edgar Allan Poe kick down your door, saying that you’re the only one who can help them save the world; what are you saving it from?
Eldritch machine ghosts, obviously.

1. Weirdest Experience Ever?
I’m not actually sure how to answer this. Some kind of doubt’s crept in and every answer I can think of sounds ridiculous and like I’m reading too much into a thing, though here’s a try anyway: the last winter I lived in Philly before I dislodged the ex was neatly obliging and not only full of snow and ice, but cold as hell, all of which he hated. There were quite a few nights when we would walk home from wherever we went to, that found me with my coat unbuttoned and carrying my scarf instead of wearing it in ten-below weather, with him shivering and miserable. I saw thundersnow for the first time in my life that winter, and it happened three separate times.

2. If you had to choose betwen going without speaking for the rest of your life, or without seeing, which would you choose?
Speaking. I could write to people, and I could still pursue all the things I enjoy.

3. If you could resurrect any historical figure in order to spend time with them, who would they be, and why?
God, I have no idea. Language barriers aside, I’d love to pick pretty much all the Pre-Raphaelites’ brains for technical knowledge, and if I was sure I wouldn’t be stabbed or thrown to the sharks, I’d consider a beer with that Chinese pirate queen whose name I can no longer remember.

4.If all books were banned, on pain of death, which would you risk death to keep a copy of?
Whichever ones I could jam onto Pirateboxes and hide everywhere. If I know I’m going to die for a thing, I’d want to go big.

5. If music opened a gateway into another world based on the album, which album-world would you inhabit and why?
Most of the ones I can think of offhand would probably not end well. Maybe Florence and the Machine’s work? It’s like here only…flagrantly magical? My luck, I’d end up sacrificed or eaten by unseelie fey or something. This is a runner-up and makes me think of a place I’d like to keep a pocket dimension of; softly rainy, airy, dim and still, with silvered edges.

6. If it was impossible to die, what would you do that you don’t do now?
Do I still feel pain and break my bits? If so, not much would change, I’d just watch my patience grow exponentially and I’d get more frustrated with shortsighted people. If not? Jump off shit. Climb shit. Do dumb things for money.

7. If you could save the human species from certain irrevocable destruction, but in order to do it you would have to abandon technology above 17th Century levels completely, would you?
I’m not actually sure if I *could*. I mean, we’re swimming in it. Could I not call an ambulance if injured? Could someone not call it on my behalf, and if they do, is that salvation then screwed? I’m not sure how to parse this. I’d give it a shot, but I don’t know how long I’d last, I’m not exactly chock full of the skills that would maintain a life of that sort.

8. Under what circumstances, if any, would you submit to unjust or unlawful imprisonment?
Willingly, and not just giving in to an insurmountable force? If it saved someone I love.

9. If you could ascend to another plane of existence, have precise control over manipulation of matter and energy and able to travel anywhere in space and time, but had to fake your own death and never see your friends, family or loved ones again, would you? Why or why not?
Depends on when you catch me, sometimes all I want is to disappear. But probably not, wouldn’t be worth it if I couldn’t share the experience, and I am shit at making my own friends.

10. What is the secret to the universe as far as you are concerned?
‘Things happen, what the hell.’

11. You discover that all your memories are implants, put there to protect you and others from the truth of your existence. You can recover your true memories, but it would endanger you and lead to the certain deaths of others. Do you remember?
Uuuuuugh, I hate ultimatums. Ultimatii? Nothing is ever that clearcut and saying ‘But PRETEND it is.’ doesn’t make me magically able to not know there has to be wiggle room because existence. If it were laid out like that, no, but if I learned over time, with teasing hints and plot devices, I would be fucked. I’m part cat and curiosity would win.

1. Who are you?
I am a meat popsicle.

2. What do you want?
Direction. Motivation. A million dollars and less interesting brain chemistry.

3. Why are you here?
I’m not sure; my mom had me while on birth control and I almost killed us both by wanting out 9+ weeks early.

4. Where are you going?
Nowhere, pretty quickly.

5. Who do you serve?
Ia ia, Cthulhu fthagn!

6. Who do you trust?
These questions are a reference I am missing, but it’s pinging like one… Wolven. My mom. Internet Spouse. Bekah. Joy.

7. What was the key moment in your life that defined and/or shaped you?
Oh god, I have no idea about a single moment, at least not on command. These sorts of things are really hard to chase down and tend to ambush me when I’m not looking for it.

8. What art makes you cry?
This, without fail.

9. Who would you fuck, marry AND kill?
Dunno, depends on the money?

10. Which historical figure would you want to do drugs with?
Not sure, I don’t trust drugs or people i don’t know.

11. …and, which drug?
See above.

1. What fictional character(s) has/have been most influential in the development of your outlook and personality?
Daria or Jane. Darlene from Roseanne. Data.
2. If you had a theme song that played every time you enter a room, what would it be?
I dunno but whatever it is. I’d be sick of it really fucking quickly.
3. What character traits do you look for in a friend?
A lack of judgment, a fucked up sense of humour, and the ability to trust them.
4. What book do you find yourself recommending most often and why?
Everything by Caitlin R. Kiernan, because everyone needs our generation’s queer trans Lovecraft in their lives.
5. What were your favorite books/types of books when you were growing up?
Animal books, the more and better photos, the better, but I didn’t mind reading about animals I liked, either. Birds especially.
6. If you had a mutant power, what would it be?
I like the manipulation of probability thing that’s been going around. “What’s the chance I will be a dragon when I wake up? A hundred percent!”
7. With the aforementioned power, would you join the X-Men or the Brotherhood?
Neither, I’m not proactive enough for that, though the latter has a better tagline.
8. What comedy has been most influential to the development of your sense of humor?
Uuuurgh I have no idea. See the character question, then stir in a lot of appreciation of over the top absurdity, generally weird shit, and the super silly. Can’t deal with stupid humour, though.
9. Why did you choose your tumblr handle? What does it mean?
‘monstrous machinery’. It was the other choice from ‘unknownbinaries’ when I was looking at changing my LJ handle a while back, after D bought me a rename token. I came up with two things that fit, and renaming my internet presence has always been a bit of a big deal for me, it’s part of the whole self-promotion thing, it’s a names-are-important thing, all of that. I’m still not comfortable with it, might never be, I dunno.
10. What would your occupation be if you were a member of Starfleet?
11. If you could go on a date with one person, fictional or non, living or dead, who would it be and what would you do?
I have no idea, I have never liked dating, even when I was single.

I’m out of wine that’s stupid.

MBTI most accurate descriptions



ESTP: super attractive physically but it’s all downhill from there. never quite know what they’re going to do next but you can probably bet it will be irresponsible. somehow still lovable. 

ESTJ: loud, logical, and get shit done — they are the warrior class of the life rpg. power stats make them unbeatable and if you encounter one, maybe just curl up and forfeit, to save time. 

ESFP: giggly little shits. fun fun fun till her daddy takes the t-bird away. great for lifting your mood, not that great at lifting your credit score. 

ESFJ: too appropriate, totally lacking in awkwardness. they’ll never forget your birthday, which will make you feel like shit when you constantly forget theirs. 

ENTP: excellent companions if you enjoy people who instantly see through all your shit. very clever and very intuitive, you can’t fool them. i suggest you invest in other friends — ones you *can* fool. 

ENTJ: impatient with people who make mistakes, namely, everyone. they’ll respect you if you stand up to them but why do that when you can run away instead. cuddle them and see what happens. i’m curious.

ENFP: too puppy to live. best suited for the profession of musical nanny. not advised for use around an open flame. 

ENFJ: way too charming and capable, maybe they should stop making everyone else look bad. prone to making other people care about stuff they didn’t want to care about. so annoying. 

ISTP: such butts. best suited for an apocalypse scenario, if no such scenario exists, they will create danger because they get bored. don’t encourage them, but don’t discourage them, as reverse psychology works too well.

ISTJ: low drama and low maintenance, best value at this price tier. best suited to actual human existence. least weird, which makes them kinda weird.

ISFP: squishy little darlings you might want to keep in your pocket, but please don’t or they will become forlorn. they notice everything, and it’s unnerving. 

ISFJ: quietly and proudly do things for others. if you have a ring you need to deliver to mordor, take an ISFJ along with you for best results. 

INTP: cute intergalactic spiders you want to hug and mistrust. prone to making you laugh but then days later you will wonder whether you were the butt of the joke. 

INTJ: major dicks and kinda proud of it. prone to being right. prone to liking trance music way too much. all the ones i’ve ever met have been unexpectedly kinky. so i guess, expectedly. 

INFP: they fall out of the sky and are raised by unicorns. if you feed one it will follow you home. they dissipate in water. 

INFJ: chameleons appropriating your emotions and going quietly mad. prone to meltdowns and needing lots of naps.

i have no idea what my type actually is but i’m guessing from this it’s gonna be ESTP or ESFP

I’m not sure how I feel about MBTI, but I DO like being an intergalactic spider (according to the last one of these I did). ::::3




by Chiara Bautista

We are absolutely in love!


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petstuck shaming

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Euryale - Medusa's elder sister. :)


greetings from the worst version of cyberpunk


New Impossibly Tiny Landscapes Painted on Food by Hasan Kale


Dragons because dragons are fucking awesome.